Bicycling's Many Benefits

Bicycling has many benefits and is an elegantly simple solution for many issues facing our state.

  • Bicycling is an enjoyable physical activity that is appropriate for the entire family.
  • Bicycle friendly communities are healthy, pleasant places to live and work.
  • Communities that posses safe, convenient, connected bicycle facilities attract businesses, retain property values better, and have an overall higher quality of life.
  • Regular physical activity that is integrated into day-to-day life, such as bicycle riding, is one of the best strategies for reducing obesity.
  • About 25 percent of all trips made in the United States are less than one mile in length, an ideal distance for cycling and walking.
  • Encouraging bicycling as a mode of transportation will decrease traffic congestion and improve air quality.
  • Bicycling events, retailers, and manufacturers are a growing and important sector of Georgia's economy.
  • Bicycling facility projects are far more cost-effective than other transportation projects. They are cheaper to build and cost almost nothing to maintain. Their short and long-term economic benefits are well demonstrated and they generate a reliably high return on investment, both through tourism and bicycle-related business development.
  • In these difficult economic times, the bicycle is an intelligent transportation option, one that can ensure Georgians will be able to afford housing, healthcare, and other basic needs.
  • Encouraging bicycle use is a long term strategy for reducing our state's healthcare costs, by creating a healthier populace that suffers from fewer chronic diseases.
  • Bicycle lanes create safer streets for everyone, not just cyclists. Car crashes tend to be greatly reduced with the presence of bike lanes, and places that invest in complete streets with pedestrian and bicycle facilities have lowered their overall crash and injury rates.
  • Building bicycle facilities creates more jobs than other types of roadway maintenance projects, due to the extremely low cost of the materials.
  • In families that are able to reduce their car ownership with one adult biking to work can save $8-10,000 per year due to all the hidden costs of car ownership (besides gas, there's insurance, maintenance and repairs, and cleaning). Those are big savings that tend to be spent locally, improving the economies of our communities.


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